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Since 2004 "Avers" LLC is working on solutions development for energy efficiency. Our specialists have designed and commissioned manufacturing of unique agriculture wastes fired heating boilers, which are already installed and operated in various regions of Ukraine.

The company has introduced up-to-date technologies for agricultural biomass harvesting, transportation and fuel pellet production. Based on in-house solutions and using international experience "Avers" LLC designed own fuel pellet production line, capable to utilize various types of plant biomass.

Harvesting, transportation and storage of agricultural biomass
– minimum wasted at each stage of processing
– the best production cost of straw fuel pellet.
High grade fuel pellets production
Using various types of agricultural biomass to produce pellets from straw, sunflower husk, residue of pea, soya, miscanthus etc. allows:
– to extend biomass harvesting season;
– to provide whole year working period for production line;
– to have alternate suppliers of agricultural biomass;
– to achieve the best production cost of fuel pellet.
Design and manufacturing of "Avers" pellet fired heating boilers
– independence from the fuel pellet supplier;
– minimum cost of 1 Gcal of heating energy;
– low operational cost and high fail-safety of the boiler's equipment;
– short payback period;
– 40 – 650 kW output range.
Design and manufacturing of dedicated equipment for agricultural biomass processing
– design and manufacturing of biomass fuel pellet production line with annual capacity up to 20 tons;
– design and manufacturing of biomass grinding lines with 2 – 7.5 tons per hour of capacity;
– design and manufacturing of auxiliary equipment for efficient agricultural biomass harvesting.
We offer
Straw pellets
Bailed straw
Straw pellet fired heating boilers
Straw pellet production lines
Grinding lines for straw and other types of plant biomass
Auxiliary equipment for agricultural stuffs harvesting
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